Stocked Manufacturers

Introducing the opinions of manufacturers
doing business with Morishita.

In addition to sales of pet food and pet supplies, our company also provides a wide range of support during the period up to when you open your new business.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a client.


  • We are extremely grateful that Morishita helps us to meet new customers.
    Mr. Ishimaru, sales manager at Red Heart Inc.

    QWhat made your company start doing business with Morishita?

    One of the main reasons was that we became a Japanese distributor for ZiwiPeak products. At the same time, I was placed in charge of business dealings with Morishita and that lead to an even deeper relationship.
    ZiwiPeak is a high-class brand, and even dog food can be sold for more than 6,000 yen per kilogram. Of course, there is a valid reason for such high prices, but customers were truly able to understand the value of the product thanks our sales approach using a marketing strategy based on the study sessions where we learned how to provide customers with added service.

  • QWhat changes did you experience after doing business with Morishita?

    In addition to the easier exchange of information regarding products, there was free communication between everyone in the business from discussions about sales promotion for new and existing stores, to daily conversations. We really built up a good relationship where it was easy to discuss any relevant concerns. This resulted in more opportunities to meet new customers through Morishita which we are very grateful for.
    For KiaOra products that we stared stocking last year, in addition to official company materials, we also created original sales and point of purchase promotional materials. Together with ZiwiPeak products, this helped greatly increase overall sales.

  • QWhat future expectations do you have for Morishita?

    As our company has a wide assortment of high-value-added items, I hope that they will provide information that will please pet owners and retailers in more diverse ways.