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Pets are now considered to be a core member of the family.

When board chairman Takanori Morishita started the business in 1965 as a pet food wholesaler, dogs were mainly used to guard property, and cats used as mouse catchers. This is different to how pets are treated in modern times.
At that time it was not common to give pets specialized pet food and most were simply fed leftover rice and miso soup.
Under such circumstances, entry into the pet market was fraught with difficulties and various setbacks. However, Mr. Morishita honestly believed that pets could be changed from being practical helpers to companions that provide emotional support, and he continued to work hard to forge a path into the pet supplies industry.

Now after 50 years in business, pets are considered to be core members of the family. This fact has attracted attention from several industries.
During the course of following our management philosophy of “working toward the harmonious coexistence of humans and pets”, we are faced with various problems. As people's cherished pets are living longer lives, they encounter disease and age-related health problems in the same way that humans do.
As technology becomes more advanced we can foresee the day when humans will be able to better communicate with their pets.
It is our mission to continue to push the boundaries in anticipation of great changes over the next 50 years.

Message from the CEO

CEOManabu Morishita

Aiming to be a pioneer in the pet supplies industry, we are currently striving to figure out what types of products our customers want, and what they will want in the future. As part of our initiatives to also provide services other than the supply of physical products, we are committed to collecting new forms of valuable information while considering the values of customers in different regions and age ranges.


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