White Fox is dedicated to
benefiting both pets and owners.

We are working to develop a wide range of products for the ever diversifying market of animal lovers.
Aiming to make products that will be cherished by pets and their owners,
we release a variety of products from pet food to commercial equipment.

white fox

Allowing owners to show their love for their pets.
Our main goal is to make life richer and more convenient for pets and their owners.
White Fox was created to deliver happiness to pets and their owners.

Taking advantage of our experience as a wholesaler

We initially established White Fox Co., Ltd. in 2008 in order to create products that were previously not available for purchase. Now companies in a variety of fields have entered into the pet supplies industry.
Recently we have been getting offers for joint development work from a large number of local companies in various industries.

  • Smoked deer meat

    Made from select ingredients using our original recipe, these dog treats are a safe and delicious snack for your dog.
    Using 100% natural deer meat from Hiroshima prefecture, this product is free of chemical additives and antioxidants.
    Each piece has been painstakingly hand smoked for an authentic mouthwatering aroma.

  • Quick-drying commercial pet towel

    It is possible to reduce drying time by a factor of 1/6 simply by wrapping this towel around the pet after shampooing.
    It has a length of 165cm to allow it to be used with any size pet.
    This towel is perfect for professional dog groomers and can be conveniently used for a variety of applications.

White Fox product development

White Fox products have been developed thanks to the experience and expert knowledge of Morishita employees.
Materials such as packaging and leaflets are also designed by our in-house designer.
From now on we will continue to create products that benefit both pets and their owners.

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