Message from the CEO

CEO Manabu Morishita

  • We aim to be a leader in the pet supplies industry and never stop working to please our customers

    I believe that people's sense of values can change as social conditions, lifestyles, and the times evolve.
    I believe that our company is capable of fully grasping and adapting to this changing sense of values.
    The management philosophy we say each morning was written by our employees.
    They strive to incorporate it into all aspects of their daily work.

  • As experts in pet supplies, we always look toward the future and continue to work hard to please our customers and make their life with their pets more enjoyable.
    In order to satisfy all customers, suppliers, and clients, it is important for us to be a pioneer in the pet supplies industry. We are currently striving to figure out what types of products our customers want, and what they will want in the future. As part of our initiatives to also provide services other than the supply of physical products, we are committed to collecting new forms of valuable information while considering the values of customers in different regions and age ranges.