Business Concept

Creating a bridge to connect people as well as pets and humans.
We are currently pursuing three main goals to support both our customers and the entire pet supplies industry.

We are working toward being the best in Japan.
During our pursuit of improved "planning ability, products, and delivery", we have received feedback from more than 1,000 customers around Japan.
We carefully listen to people's worries and thoughts in regard to living with animals in order to build customer satisfaction.
Through regular pet grooming seminars in our studio, study sessions to improve sales skills and product knowledge, and a business plan that focuses on international expansion, we aim to create a bridge to connect people as well as pets and humans. In order to achieve this we utilize our experience built up over more than 50 years of doing business, and implement new forward-looking innovations to further evolve our company.

Planning Ability

Solid communication between employees

As a wholesaler, our most important mission is to build better connections between manufacturers and retailers. However, simply introducing good products and carrying out sales is not enough to fully satisfy our customers. To really make manufacturers and customers happy, it is important for our employees to have open and unhindered communication in order to come up with a variety of new plans and ideas.

  • - Holding annual exhibitions as well as mini-exhibitions to show other pet apparel and food.
  • - Exclusive sales for valued customers and special sales campaigns.
  • - Holding study sessions to improve product knowledge, and seminars to improve technical skills in our special seminar room.

Seeking Quality Products

Finding products that will delight our customers.

- Selecting products according to our management philosophy.
Following our management philosophy of "working toward the harmonious coexistence of humans and pets", we always seek products that please both pets and their owners. Our range of pet food includes several different manufacturers with various standards and prices. In addition to understanding customer needs and providing them with suitable products, we are actively working to provide popular and high-quality products that will certainly add value to the store. We guarantee that products chosen by us are always of the best quality and from reliable brands.
- Our goal to create a private brand
Rather than simply purchasing directly from manufacturers and selling to customers as a wholesaler, our company also develops our own products. Requests from customers for new types of products is the main driving force behind our product development process. We think that it is extremely important to listen to customers and create the products that they desire.

Delivery System

Faster, more careful and reliable.

We aim to have a reliable delivery system that provides flexibility to please our customers.
To ensure that products are delivered to our customers quickly and reliably, we work hard on all aspects of our delivery system from ordering, quality and inventory management, destination sorting work, to final shipment.
We particularly specialize in express shipping to western Japan. Products can be delivered by the morning of the following day, or even the same day for close-by destinations.

- Procedure from order to shipping
  • 1Reception of order
  • 2Input and stock confirmation
  • 3Inspection and packaging
  • 4Shipping